Wild Tails – Catfishing

The month of January was a good month all round for the lodge with a total 101mm of good rainfall recorded. The rain was light and really ground wetting. We had a number of overcast cooler days that allowed the ground to remain wet and for the water to sink in.

The bush has blossomed and is looking great albeit that animals are now more difficult to spot. On Monday the 31st of January we were granted the permission to take out some of the catfish from the Baobab Lodge dam. The team considered the methodology that they would use to catch the fish and promptly made up a net with 2 poles made out of chicken mesh.

We set off at 11am and arrived at the dam at 11.30. The immediate conversation revolved around who would be brave enough to get into the very muddy water that was about 1 meter deep. A few brave ‘recruits’ lined up and in they went. At first they were unsuccessful but, once they had decided that they needed to really get stuck in, pun not intended, they started the serious job of herding the fish into the net.

The team caught a total of 24 fish of various sizes and these were transported in plastic dustbins with some water. The objective of the exercise was to ‘seed’ the now, full dams known as Lodge dam, Djuma Dam and Buffalo Pan. A total of 18 fish were released into the various dams. It is hoped that the (attempted) identification of male and female fish was correct and that each dam got ‘aspiring parents’! These dams have been dry for one and a half years…..good luck to the fish!

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