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Enthralling Open-Vehicle Safaris

As the first rays of sunlight touch the horizon we venture into the Sabi Sand bushveld on our early morning game drives. Each drive brings different thrills and experiences, from the dew drops clinging to spider webs to the gruff cough of a leopard, the bush fills us with the feelings felt by so many before that still captivate us, connect us and allow us to feel at one with nature. You will not only see the bush, but get to touch, taste and smell it, a true safari of the senses.

Late afternoon game drives are times of soft ethereal light when the bush shows us its most beautiful self. Even the large-mono coloured elephants, rhinos and buffalos seem enhanced by the late afternoon light. As the sun retreats behind the hills and trees on the horizon we share the iconic tradition of the safari sundowner and ready ourselves for the nocturnal search for large predators. Lions and leopards revel in the darkness which assists their hunting. Selective, educated use of a hand held spotlight by our tracker allows guests to share these nocturnal activities and search for smaller creatures of the night like genets, porcupines, galagos and honeybadgers.

Being a sole use lodge each game drive can be tailored to meet the expectations of the guests on the day. Our expertly trained and qualified ranger and tracker team never cease to amaze with their level knowledge and entertain with their stories, some of past adventures and others of local folklore and tradition. 

Daily programs and schedules can adjusted to suit the wants of each set of clients, but are usually built around early morning game drives, brunch, and afternoon high tea, evening game drive and an outdoor dinner.

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